Life Insurance

Life Insurance is a great way to protect your family’s financial security because it can pay funeral expenses, debts and taxes after your death. Some Life Insurance policies even provide immediate access to cash. Others may even allow you to accelerate your death benefit to help cover expenses related to an illness, injury or long-term care. To say the least, Life Insurance can play many different rolls within your overall investment strategy.

Most Life Insurance policies are medically and criminally underwritten and you may be required to provide a blood and urine sample. However, some Life Insurance policies simplify the underwriting process, eliminating the need for blood and urine and in other cases, they eliminate the underwriting questions all together, meaning you’re guaranteed to be accepted.

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  • Term
  • Universal Life
  • Indexed Universal Life
  • Final Expense
  • Single Premium
  • Simplified/Guaranteed Issue
  • 2nd to Die
  • Mortgage Protection